Paintball and karting

SMS messaging for paintball and karting

Playing paintball or driving go-kart is much more fun in a large company of like-minded people, no one can argue with that!

Therefore, in order to attract a large group of friends, club owners do not need to invite everyone personally. You just need to enlist the support of one client, who will gladly leave the contacts of his friends so that they can also have a great and active time.

Bulk SMS are ideal for this purpose. You can not only invite completely random people to your club, but also target the audience for which it will be most interesting.

What possibilities does SMS-mailing give:

  • The ability to quickly inform customers about tariffs and opening hours.
  • Advertising mailing of messages through our database of numbers will increase the flow of customers to your club.
  • The ability to segment your audience and send messages only to those customers who might need your services.
  • The ability to send personalized messages and SMS greetings on the holidays, which will increase customer confidence in your service and increase their loyalty.

SMS in Moldova – SMS.MD!

Sending SMS examples of SMS messaging:

Wondering what to do this weekend?

Our cars are waiting for you!

From 3 to 8 August 15% discount.

Don't know how to entertain colleagues at a corporate party? Go-karting is the best solution! Teams of over 10 people get a 20% discount!
Color your life with colors! Between 17.09-25.10 25% discount on paintball game! Hurry up, free dates are flying away!
Hello! In the period 15.10-15.04 we work according to the winter schedule, from 9.00 to 17.00. We are waiting for new meetings!

SMS service for your business

Add numbers to SMS.MD , edit contacts and segment your base using groups. Use the name, patronymic and other parameters of the contact so that the SMS will make the client loyal.

Bulk SMS service în Moldova.


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Bulk SMS service în Moldova.


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Bulk SMS service în Moldova.


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Bulk SMS service în Moldova.


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How many characters are in the SMS text ?

One SMS contains 160 Latin characters or 70 Cyrillic characters. If an SMS message exceeds the specified length, it is split into parts (segments), each segment is sent and paid for as a separate message.

There are many variations of passages of Lorem Ipsum available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form.

Check the relevance of your database of numbers. Use HLR phone number verification queries to improve accuracy and efficiency. Each database contains incorrect information in the form of invalid phone numbers, duplicate contacts.

Determine the actual mobile operator of the user and reduce the cost of SMS-mailing. Improve delivery efficiency with MNP verification service. MNP - provides information about a phone number belonging to a mobile operator. This allows you to effectively manage all messaging processes. The MNP search service clears the database, updates the information about the mobile number. It is ideal for SMS aggregators, banking, insurance and financial institutions, IT and online services.

It is strictly forbidden to send: - calls for violence or threats; - political agitation; - calls for mass gatherings; - obscene language; - text that can be regarded as fraudulent; - links to the site containing "adult content"; - advertising of services "for adults"; - offers with sending sms to a short number; - subscribe to the names of mobile operators and their derivatives. For more details, see the section "Requirements for the content of SMS messages" in the section "Documents"

Bulk SMS service în Moldova.

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Bulk SMS service în Moldova.

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