Custom URL Shortener

Services for shortening links help shorten long urls to use them in social networks, for sms mailings, presentations or on websites.

Why shorten links

Shortening long hyperlinks is useful for two reasons:

  • A short address looks more aesthetically pleasing in texts and messages online. Saving message length is a plus of such urls.
  • A short url is easier to remember or dictate without losing tags.

They also show statistics on page transitions and audience characteristics (region, gender, age).

A short url should be used if needed:

  • send the link in the messenger, by SMS or dictate;
  • disguise referral links;
  • make the link visually attractive – for advertising materials;
  • save space in messages of limited length – for example, in SMS;
  • prevent incorrect copying (cutting) of long links;
  • keep statistics on conversions and audience – this is possible in some services
  • Need a QR code.


  • the ability to cut the link without registration;
  • availability of statistics (provided to registered users by abbreviated URL);
  • the ability to create a link name yourself (for this, enter it in the Customize name);
  • intuitive and pleasant interface;
  • technical support 24/7 (around the clock and seven days a week);
  • free access to basic functions;
  • the ability to customize the URL;
  • the presence of a paid version (there are a number of additional features, for example, creating a branded domain, in-depth analytics, there are no restrictions on transitions, etc.);

Here are two ways to shorten your links.

  1. Independently, through our service –
  2. Individual settings – – our service for individual independent work with your links through your personal account.


  • PASSWORD PROTECTION – Set a password to protect your links from unauthorized access.
  • RETARGETING – Add pixel retargeting to your links and turn every URL into perfectly targeted ads.
  • GROUPS – Group links together for easy management and analytics for group as well as individual links.
  • DETAILED ANALYTICS – Track short links, analytics provides you with information about clicks, page referrers, devices, browsers, systems, geographic location.
  • LINK OPTIMIZATION – Manage links is a link management and shortening platform that will give you free branded URLs, QR code generator, UTM generator, API.
  • CUSTOM BREAKERS – Create screensavers Use your own screensavers for links. Edit text, colors, links and more. All are easily editable in the control panel.
  • TRACKING PIXELS – Connect tracking pixels To use your visitors to advertise on Facebook or Google, use tracking pixels. supports Facebook, Twitter, Google Tag Manager, Google
  • Analytics, Google Adwords, Bing, Pinterest, Linkedin, Quora, Adroll, Nexus Segment.
  • QR CODE – QR for short links Use QR code for business cards, flyers, magazines and more to track traffic. Get detailed conversion analytics.
  • YOUR DOMAIN -You can add your domain for this you need to change the A record in the domain settings
  • API – Automate abbreviation – automatic assignment of a short link when sending sms from CRM, 1C or your site.

SMS.MD – upon contacting our support service, we can make individual settings to shorten your links.

  • Your link will be \ yourname or
  • The ability to collect an interested, active audience – phone numbers from your database only of those who clicked on the link from your sms and set up a separate marketing policy for them.
  • Automate abbreviation – automatic assignment of a short link when sending sms from CRM, 1C or your site.
  • And other possibilities …

For customization – contact technical support.

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